The Constant Stress of Adopting

Couples unable to have their own children have long turned to adoption agencies to help them find a child of their own, and it can be a long and difficult path. Creating a family by having children might seem more difficult, but the adoption process can be much more invasive. Agencies provide their potential clients with nearly endless forms to fill out, home visits to approve them, and the couple must also provide references before they will be considered. After the formalities are completed, they will have to wait until they find a child up for adoptions. It can be a very stressful situation for both of them.

The Long Wait

Finding just the right child to adopt can be difficult, and there are few women these days who are willing to give up their newborn to a couple. Society has been more lenient in the last few decades about unmarried women with children, so there have been fewer options for childless couples. This factor alone can add to their stress, and it gets worse if they find someone who chooses to keep their baby at the last moment. The long wait can go on for years unless they are extremely lucky, or they can consider adopting a child from another part of the globe.

Foreign Adoptions

There is much good that can come from adopting a child from another country, and most people would agree the child stands to benefit greatly. The issues that can arise are often those dealing with governments making the sudden decision to cancel any foreign adoptions, or there can be language difficulties when trying to navigate a foreign system. Frustration can turn to anger, and this will not help alleviate the stress that builds as the hurdles keep coming. Couples going this route should be prepared for many pitfalls along the way.

A Contested Adoption

Many countries today have extensive laws covering the adoption process, and a contested adoption can be one of the most difficult situations to survive. The biological mother might be more than happy to give away her newborn, but she might not be completely honest when it comes to the feelings of the biological father. While some countries ignore his role complete, others give him many rights in the process. If he chooses not to sign the paperwork, years in court can be a part of the stressful process the couple must face before the baby is theirs legally.

Adopting a child is a way to give the gift of family to two people who find it impossible to have their own children, and it can be a generous present for the child who will benefit from it. There are many hurdles modern couples face, and navigating them can be like walking across an active minefield. Even if they manage to get all the paperwork straightened out, there are still legal measures that can stop the final decree that will recognize the child as legally theirs. It can be a stressful situation, but creating a family can be worth the time, effort and trepidation.