Surprise, Surprise, It’s Twins

Many couples have gone through the process of starting a family, and the vast majority of them plan on having one child at a time. Few of them are eager to have an instant family, but those who suddenly find out they are being graced with multiple births face just that situation. For many of them, it is a frightening process. They are often terrified as new parents that they will be unable to care for one infant, and their fears are multiplied when they find out they will be bringing home even more infants than expected. Not all of these multiple births are the result of fertility drugs, so it can be a complete shock for a couple.

Fertility drugs

Couples with conception issues are generally willing to go to great lengths to conceive, and modern fertility drugs are often their best shot at becoming parents. One of the downsides of this is the fact that they may conceive more than one child at a time. The doctors prescribing the medication will generally ensure they understand the risks, so they are prepared for the consequences. It is often a fact that they may be prepared for twins or triplets, but they can also end up many more embryos than that.

It runs in the family

The birth of twins is an expected event in some families, but it can be a surprise to those who are unaware of their family history. Twins tend to run on the father’s side of the family, but they can skip a generation. While modern families tend to track these types of statistics, children who have been adopted or know little about their history might be unaware. It runs in the family is a common theme, but it can still be a surprise to couples who have not traced their ancestry more than a generation or two.

Three times the joy

If twins are terrifying, then having triplets can be devastating. Couples who expected one child when they began their family will now face three infants at the same time, and that means they need two more of everything they have already purchased. Three sets of clothing, three times the diapers and even three car seats can be a strain on their finances. Even with all the expense and concerns, these infants can bring their parents three times the joy they were expecting when they chose to start a family of their own.

When it comes to starting a family, there are no guarantees. Modern medical science can help couples with their conception issues, but the price they will pay might be far more than their insurance will cover. Bringing home multiple babies might be their biggest expense, and this is true with even natural conception of twins. It might be frightening to suddenly face a family that has grown by two, but just imagine what it is like when there are more infants than parents. The costs involved can be enormous, but the joys that are present could be the best gift of all.